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  Why Outsource?

No more space in your Filing room or your filing cabinets to keep your documents? Well we have the solution to your problem. Use our Document Scanning Services which we CONVERT your documents to CD-ROM (TIFF OR PDF FORMAT-BLACK & WHITE OR COLOUR IMAGES) which will save you 98% of your space. No need to purchase extra filing cabinets. A CD-ROM can store easily up to 10,000 pages of documents.

Save up on your yearly rental cost of storing your documents at offsite premises / warehouse.

Can’t find your files? Can’t find your documents within your file? Well storing your documents onto CD-ROM which is fully labeled and index will solve all your retrieval problems. All it takes is a few click on the mouse and you have your required document in front of  you on your screen. And you can also print the viewed document. No customize or special software required.

You are also assured of complete file integrity as original files  cannot be overwritten or erase the image on the CD-ROM.

We offer a very competitive comprehensive package to suit all types of scanning services from small to large scale volume Conversion of documents to Digital imaging.We have a team of highly train experienced specialist  to take care of all your needs. No worries about hiring additional staff, staff turnover or training. The cost benefits of using our scanning services certainly outweighs in-house scanning.
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